About Us

Akoma Ntoso was started in mid-June 2018 by a group of young adults with the aim of helping the underprivileged in Ghana. The initiative came about through various ideas that were individually in circulation. Given that all those involved would be present in Ghana December 2018, we then decided to share our ideas. With this line of thought Akoma Ntoso Foundation was birthed.

As a group we do not only bring together ideas, but we come together to do something from the heart for a target group that is less fortunate. 'With joined hearts' is the literal translation of Akoma Ntoso. 

Mission & Vision

The Akoma Ntoso Foundation works together with (semi) government institutions in Ghana on a cooperative community where single mothers, orphans and premature children, if necessary, receive timely and correct support on finances, food and other life preservatives.

Within Akoma Ntoso Foundation, the foundation vision can be seen as: "Our people" which is central: as a foundation we strive to make an impact by doing what is needed. Together with friends, family and stakeholders we discover what is needed to support the intended target group. We feel responsible for achieving more social impact. Our aim is to grow within five years into a foundation that can support a wider target group and that we can regularly perform volunteer work in Ghana.


Meet the team

Samantha Gyamfi


 This foundation started with great people who have big supporting hearts to support the less fortunate in Ghana. It is with great pleasure to announce that together we can fulfill this great cause. We dedicate ourselves with heart and soul to the loving and caring children in Ghana!❤️ After all they are the future of tomorrow. So with joined hearts are we creating a path for their future. 

Kristle Owusu

(Online marketing advisor)

With my knowledge for Marketing, I gladly use this for a good cause and ofcourse with joined hearts. Maya Angelou once said that: "When we give gratefully, everyone is blessed." The greatest part of all is the blessing. It is a blessing to bring more joy, more happiness, more compassion when helping, giving or receiving. Let's get started right away, let's care for their needs!

Zoubeida Asamoah


It is a pleasure to be part of this amazing initiative. Giving back and helping those in need means a lot to me. We don’t need deep pockets to make a difference. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. With joined hearts, we can make a difference. 

Sarah Owusu

(Assistant Secretary)

A wise man once told me, “No one has ever become poor by giving, cause it’s not about how much we give but it’s about how much love we put into giving.” It’s a great pleasure for me to be part of this foundation and put these words into excistence. With joined hearts we believe that one changed life, it’s a world that is changed forever.

Givens Appiah


The reason why I joined this amazing initiative is; I believe that the purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion and the will to help others.   So please help us with joined hearts to help the less fortunate in Ghana.

Anobea Ofei-Nyarko


I am delighted to be part of this foundation. I believe that giving is not just about making a donation, but about making a difference in someone's life. With joined hearts we unite in giving to the less fortunate and putting smiles on their faces 

Maame Boafo

(Contact Person)

As a nurse and having the passion for helping others I can boldly say that I'm glad to be part of this great initiative. Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. 

Together with your help we can do this with joined hearts 🙏🏽

Wendy Pique


It is my great pleasure to be part of this awesome project together with this amazing team. It has always been on my heart to help the ones in need and I am happy to see this finally come trough. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth. So with Joined Hearts let’s make it happen together in any way possible. This is Akoma Ntoso foundation: let’s make the world a better place, not for us but for them cause they are our tomorrow !

Maria Asare

(Vice chairlady)

Each person may have a different need in his/her life. While some are going after success, some don't have the most basic things such as a shelter or enough food to eat.But that's not all, some people may be in need of affection, those who are longing to see smiles being put on their faces. Most of us are lucky to be living a comfortable life. How good it will be if we try to bring smiles to those who are in need? We all must remember one thing that helping others is a blessing. Because when we help others to grow, we grow in the process too. It adds value and meaning to our lives knowing that we are doing something that affects them in a positive way. With joined hearts let’s put a smile on their faces!